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In the first article in our new Gaming to Learn article series, Jon Den Houter discusses how he created a review game for his English class based on the mechanics of Bezier Games' America.

After more than a year of lockdown, everyone is fighting boredom. Whether you live alone, with a partner, your family, or roommates, you are likely running out of things to do to pass the hours.

So you want to be a gamer? These days, who doesn’t? The quality of video games has never been higher. More people are playing than ever before. And some people are actually making an entire career out of it.

In this interview, game designer Joseph Chen shares his design process and the challenges he faced while bringing the recent Kickstarter success Fantastic Factories to market.

Joseph Adams (along with his design partner, Madeleine Cole) discuss their foray into game publishing with their first design, Philosophia.

Flatout Games is an up-and-coming publisher and designing house that took their first steps into the board gaming industry the same way as most do, by playing games.

The world of E-Gaming is evolving by the minute. With so many people adopting E-Gaming as a source of entertainment as well as a profession, development giants are always on the prowl to introduce something unique to captivate their audiences.

Dungeon Royale is one-part dungeon crawl, one-part roguelike, that has 2-4 players racing to discover treasures, complete quests, find the Stone of Life and be the first to exit with the most earned victory points.

Raccoon Tycoon blends anthropomorphic animals in Victorian clothing with a quasi-historical setting as players race to buy and sell commodities, towns, and railroads in a light, but fun stock market game.