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Advertising and Marketing

Reach a passionate community of casual gamers! Showcase your casual board, card, dice, or party games to a highly engaged audience through our comprehensive media channels:

  • 25,000+ Unique Monthly Website Visitors
  • Access to 3,000+ Game Stores via Game Distributors
  • Targeted Social Media Reach: 12,000+ Followers
  • Engaged Newsletter Recipients: 6,900+ Subscribers
  • National Retail Presence: 100+ Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million Stores
  • Thousands of Dedicated Magazine Subscribers
  • Industry Influence: Trusted by Press & Professionals

Why advertise with us? We're dedicated to promoting quick, fun, and accessible games that offer interesting choices and light strategy. Our targeted audience of casual gamers and game stores is unrivaled, making us the perfect platform to launch your next hit game!

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Reach Your Target Audience

Don't settle for a scattered audience.
Reach the sweet spot of casual gaming with our print and online media! Unlike other websites and publications that cater to children's toys, geek culture, or "hardcore" gamer communities, we target the exact audience you crave: passionate casual gamers eager for the quick, fun, and accessible games you offer.

Many Marketing Solutions

Go beyond a single ad! We offer a comprehensive suite of marketing solutions to amplify your reach and engage casual gamers across all channels. From building anticipation with Kickstarter Previews to driving traffic with online ads, and solidifying brand recognition, we have the perfect strategy to elevate your campaign.

Affordable Rates

Maximize your marketing impact without breaking the bank! We offer competitive pricing that ensures you get the most out of your budget. But even more importantly, our meticulous attention to detail and quality ensures your campaign delivers exceptional value for your budget. With us, every dollar goes towards a strategic campaign designed to connect you with the right audience.

Media Kit

Media kit

Our media kit contains all of the information you will need to begin advertising with us, including our rate cards, deadlines, ad details, and specs. If you have any questions or requests for customized ad packages, please don't hesitate to ask.

As soon as you're ready to reserve your ad space, please contact us. Ad reservations can be made up to one year in advance, so be sure to make plans as early as possible to secure the best spots.

Download Our Media Kit

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Ready to advertise with us? Contact us to discuss your advertising needs and we will respond ASAP. If you have a game you would like to submit for evaluation and possible review, please refer to our game submissions page.

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