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Casual Game Revolution aims to make board gaming more accessible to people of all ages. We are trying to break away from previous traditions by simplifying the gaming experience and reducing the barriers typically associated with gaming. We are passionate about casual games and we strive to bring that passion to the masses. Learn more about us »

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Chris James

Director & Editor-in-Chief

Chris is an enthusiastic casual gamer and game industry professional who heads up Casual Game Revolution. He also serves as editor-in-chief of Casual Game Insider and the Casual Game Revolution blog. His board gaming background is primarily focused in his own love of games and many years as the President of casual game publisher Stratus Games. Chris has also designed many casual games that are currently on the market and have won numerous awards.

Melanie James

Associate Director

Melanie is a big-picture strategist who is passionate about Casual Game Revolution. In between her main focus of being a great mom, she does some writing and editing, as well as a lot of the boring behind-the-scenes stuff to keep things working. Her board gaming interests are focused on casual games. Melanie is also the Vice President of Stratus Games and a published game designer.

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Chris James
(520) 344-0095

Casual Game Revolution
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