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Sneak Peek at the First Issue of Casual Game Insider

The first issue of Casual Game Insider is coming together well and we are very excited about the content. We believe this magazine is going to knock your socks off!

We have selected the following articles for publication in the first issue, which will be published in Q4 2012 (the titles are tentative):

  • Split Perspective: What Casual Means to a Game Elitist and a Game Newbie - by Cyrus Kirby
  • Casual Video Games vs. Casual Board Games: A Comparison of Indie Scenes - by Ernest Pazera
  • Overcoming Barriers: Learning a New Game - by T.J. Crockett
  • Casual Game Success Story: International Student Gathering - by Trent Howell
  • The Casual Game Revolution: A Program to Recognize Casual Games and Embrace Casual Gamers - by Chris James

We will also have reviews of many great casual games that have been sent to us recently, as well as some great tools for retailers to highlight casual games in their stores.

If you are a publisher and would like to have one or more casual games evaluated by our staff for possible inclusion in the first issue, please send 2 copies of each game and a completed submission form by August 15 to Casual Game Revolution, 1000 N. Beeline Highway #259, Payson, AZ 85541.