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"Hollywood Game Night" Comes to NBC - Great News for Casual Games?

TV - Hollywood Game Night

NBC has announced that it will air a new series called Hollywood Game Night. The series has received an order for 8 episodes so far, which will feature the following:

A-list celebrities hanging out and living it up in a cocktail party atmosphere. In each episode, two contestants will be transported from their everyday lives into a night of fun and celebration where they get to rub shoulders with the celebrity crowd. At the end, one of the contestants will walk away with a cash prize and a night of stories and memories. Part Hollywood club and part casual game night, the series will feature well-known names from the world of television, film, sports and politics, among other areas.

Could this be a major victory for casual games? Possibly. What is unclear is exactly what types of games will be featured and how prominent they will be. But I would wager that a "casual game night" in a "cocktail party atmosphere" screams casual games - not perennial kids' games or heavy euros - which could be an incredible catalyst for the casual game industry.

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