2015 | Casual Game Revolution


Each turn either claim a lot of land or demolish a skyscraper you built on a previous turn to replace it with something better, and then build! Keep an eye on which streets will score you extra points at the end of the game for having the most buildings on them and take into account the bonus objectives in order to win the game.

In Loony Quest, each player has thirty seconds to draw on their transparent screens, using lines, circles and dots to complete objectives. Then lay the screens over the game board to check how accurate you were. Play through six levels, and the player with the most points at the end wins the game.

A dexterity, disc-flicking game that will have you taking on the role of lawman or outlaw as you flick your way around a wild west town in a tense shootout.

Collect marbles to create magical potions, each with a special ability you can use once to help you during the game. Marbles are selected from a dispenser. If matching marbles collide after one has been removed, a potion explosion occurs!

A unique twist on the word game genre, in Letter Tycoon players create a letters empire by purchasing patents to letters and earning points whenever one of their letters appears in an opponent’s word.

Players make sculptures, and attempt to guess each others creations.

Each player must work with two partners to create two cities. Building one with the player on your left hand and one with the player on your right, you place a tile in each of your cities every round.. But be careful, only the city worth the least points will score you points at the end of the game.

Players are aspiring heroes bidding on the vaults of dead adventurers. Each round players take turns being the auction master, auctioning off the items inside a vault. But the players bidding can only see a select number of the items, and will have to bid based off of partial information.
Collect items your hero is particularly interested in to score extra points and create item combos, in order to win the Vault Wars!
You are on a mysterious island, full of deadly penguins and must race to collect treasure and make it out alive before your time runs out! 
Played against a soundtrack CD that tracks time as well as infuses the game with plenty of atmosphere, Pingo Pingo will have players racing around the room, slapping cards, and shooting a dart gun at targets to collect treasure and stay alive.

The Siblings Trouble sends you into Ancient Forests and Abandoned Junkyards as a group of adventurous kids. Can you stop the Queen of Atlantis or the Bloated Spider?

Get ready to tell stories and roll dice, as you explore these dark and dangerous locations and find your way home!