2016 | Casual Game Revolution


The Exit series by KOSMOS stands out as a captivating array of puzzle games, offering a plethora of distinct and enjoyable challenges spanning a wide range of themes. Its varying difficulty levels cater to different player groups, making it accessible to both newcomers and experienced puzzle enthusiasts.

An asymmetrical board game in which one player takes on the role of the alien creature while everyone else are the stranded crewmates trying to hold out until rescue arrives.

Line up three or more bubblees in a row to move them from your planet to your score pile, activating their powers when you do so to move bubblees to your opponent's board, rotate those on yours, or even move a lone bubble to your score pile.

Building flowers one petal at a time, players compete for control of the garden and the flowers themselves in a game that is beautiful, strategic, and relaxing.

Each round, one player takes on the role of a dreamer, closing their eyes and trying to guess the words listed on the dream cards based on the one word clues given by the other players.
But not all the players want the dreamer to guess correctly! While the fairies will give accurate clues, the boogeymen try to mislead the dreamer, and the sandman hopes to achieve balance in the dreams, alternating between good clues and bad ones. 

When the zoo closes at night, the animals come out to play, frolic, and partake in kung fu tournaments. Who will be the mightiest warrior? The cheetah? The elephant or gorilla? Maybe the zebra!

In Kung-Fu Zoo, players flick dice into the arena, trying to knock each other into cages and hoping their dice roll good results.

Clank! is a unique blending of multiple mechanics including deck building, push your luck, and dungeon crawling.
Explore a dungeon, steal from a dragon, and make it out alive (or at least try to)!

Construct buildings and be the first player to reach the third level in order to win this ingeniously simple (yet immensely fun) abstract game. On your turn, move one of your builders to an adjacent space, then place a building section on an adjacent space. Block your opponents with domes to ensure that they can't win, and use your player's special ability at the right times to capture victory!

In this fairy tale card game, one player is Jack, trying to steal treasure, and the other player is the giant.

Jack must collect beanstalk cards in order to steal the treasure, while the other player manipulates the cards, trying to position the giant cards correctly so that he can capture Jack and put an end to his thieving ways.

Each round, players are secretly assigned roles of either the gods or the mortal. At the start of each round four images are placed on the table. Three of them are false; the fourth is the image the gods are trying to turn into a constellation.