2023 | Casual Game Revolution


Race around the track blindfolded with the help of your co-pilots, but be careful to avoid accidents, in this team-based or cooperative drawing game.

Fill your forest with trees and give the creatures of the forest a home underneath the branches before winter comes and ends the game.

This two-player abstract strategy game is intricate and challenging, as players attempt to make groups of matching-colored tokens on the board, with groups established later in the game scoring more points.

Collect adorable dragons and build magical amulets in this clever game with a unique card playing mechanic.

Can you escape the evil genius’s lab and warn the world to save the day, in this real-time cooperative puzzle game?

Hit the road in Tokaido Duo, a relaxing race across an enchanting countryside — for two! Think of it as a scenic stroll with your best bud, but instead of arguing over directions, you'll be collecting souvenirs, indulging in delicious meals, and enjoying breathtaking views — all while secretly trying to win. This light-hearted competition will have you strategizing like a sly fox, but don't worry, there's enough beauty and charm to share for everyone.

The goal of this simple family card game is to collect sets of three. On your turn reveal one card at a time, from either the center of the table or another player's hand until you create a set or you reveal a card that doesn't match the others.

Manipulate towers to capture your opponents and fill potions, as you race through the moving towers to reach Ravenskeep properly prepared.

Organize your picnic from tablecloth to food to win donuts and have the best picnic ever in this card-weaving puzzle game.

Can you list absolutely everything in this very simple, but very addictive party game? Think quickly and be sure not to say something that has already been mentioned.