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Casual Game Insider Magazine Releases Inaugural Issue


TUCSON, Arizona – Oct 25, 2012 – The inaugural issue of Casual Game Insider magazine has been released to over 1,800 board game retailers and hundreds of other subscribers throughout the United States and other parts of the world. Print and digital editions of the magazine are now available for sale on the publisher’s website.

Casual Game Insider includes news, reviews, articles, tips, posters, and shelf talkers to help promote casual board games to their intended audience. It is the only gaming magazine that focuses strictly on topics related to casual board games, which are played in under an hour, are easy to learn and teach, and can be enjoyed by anyone from older children to adults.

What once was an activity intended primarily for children or for hardcore gamer geeks is becoming a mainstream hobby that people of any age and background can enjoy. Whether for a casual hobby or social pastime, there is a casual board game on the market to serve anyone’s needs. Casual Game Insider has been created to highlight these games, make gaming more accessible to more people, and to increase awareness of casual games within the board game industry and the public at large.

“Board games are making a comeback,” said Chris James, Director of Casual Game Revolution, the publisher of the magazine. “Despite the technological advances in entertainment and communication, more and more people are returning to their traditional roots to play board games face to face. Because of this, Casual Game Revolution has set out to target an underserved audience in the United States – the ‘casual’ gamer. We hope to make great casual games easier to find and more accessible to everyone.”

About the Publisher:
Casual Game Revolution is at the forefront of the casual board game movement, which aims to make board gaming more accessible to people of all ages by removing obstacles, breaking away from previous traditions, and connecting casual gamers directly to the games they are most likely to enjoy. It is a program that was created in 2011 and is headed up by the founders of Stratus Games LLC.

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