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Recommended Casual Game Award

Casual Game Recommended badgeEach Recommended game has been carefully evaluated by our editorial staff and found to meet the following conditions:

• Representative of the casual game genre in terms of game length, depth, and complexity
• Appeals to a general audience, with a G or PG content rating
• Has acheived a high rating in gameplay, quality, and originality
• Is or was recently available in the U.S. at a reasonable price point



Time to head back to school in this nostalgic set collection game with a refreshingly unique theme and some really neat components. Players collect homework, notes, detention slips, and more as they compete to have the best school experience.

Dinosaurs are having high tea. (Of course they are! Don’t you know a T-Rex loves his cucumber sandwiches?) But you’ve forgotten the names of the other guests. Ask tactical questions and try to place the right name to the right guest.

Mystic Market is a game of set collection, market manipulation, and card drafting, with a little magic thrown in. Players try to buy ingredients cheap, sell them high, and brew magic potions to give themselves a leg up in the competition.

A fabulous atmospheric party game, Paranormal Detectives blends mystery and deduction with multiple forms of clue giving. One player is a ghost, giving varied types of clues to the detectives and trying to lead them to the story of how they died.

An updated version of Vegas Dice Game, players roll dice and select all the dice of one number and place them on the corresponding casino. Players take turns until everyone is out of dice, at which point money is earned based on who has the most and second most number of dice at each casino. This version adds some twists to the classic gameplay, as well as an advanced version with special boards that offer unique abilities.

In a post apocalyptic world, players race against the clock (and sometimes each other) to roll dice, collect resources, and claim territories.

Explore in the first half of the game, landing on islands, spreading out settlers, and founding villages. During the second half, players will spread out from the villages they placed in the first half, connecting islands, gathering resources, and blocking other players.

In New York Slice, one player slices the pizza and the other players choose their portions. Once all the pizzas are gone, players score based on the slices they’ve collected and the pepperoni they ate!  

Zangle! is an enjoyable, visual puzzle about spotting patterns and testing your speed, as players race to combine patterns on their cards with patterns in the center of the table.

A game of bluffing and negotiation, as players attempt to divvy up the loot after the heist. Each round the boss divides the loot between the players, who then vote whether to accept the division, or to elect a new player as boss.