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Call for Submissions - Winter 2013 Issue of Casual Game Insider

You could be a published author in Casual Game Insider, the one and only magazine about casual board games!

We are now calling for submissions from anyone who is interested in writing about casual games. Whether you're a published author, prominent industry figure, or just passionate about casual games, we are interested in what you have to say.

Here are some examples of topics that we may be interested in covering in the near future:

  • Casual game sales tips - what are the best ways for game stores to reach casual gamers? How can game stores sell more casual games?
  • Casual game packaging - what design elements of a game's packaging would appeal the most to a casual gamer? Should the designer be prominently displayed on a casual game?
  • Casual video games - how have casual video games affected the video game industry? Can we draw any parallels in the board game industry?
  • Kickstarter and casual games - what is the impact of crowdfunding on casual game design and production? Is Kickstarter a viable funding platform for casual games?

How do I make a submission?

If you are interested in submitting an article about one of the above topics or any other of your choosing, send a query to with a brief description of your proposed article. Please also let us know why we should select you as an author. Queries must be submitted by October 5, 2012, for consideration in the Winter 2013 issue of Casual Game Insider.

We will then select several of the best queries and request the full articles from the authors. The final articles will be due no later than November 1, 2012.

How do I find out about future submission opportunities?

Sign up for our email newsletter and select the check box stating that you are interest in writing about casual games. We will notify you each time a new opportunity arises.