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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Infamy, Koalas, and Food Trucks

Karnivore Koala

This month brings campaigns for two outlandish food and animal-themed games, as well as several games set in interesting and unique worlds (1930's occultism? Mutant goat herds?).

Karnivore Koala

Karnivore Koala (Voodoo Games) – Tribes of koalas have become carnivores after the extinction of the eucalyptus tree. Using cards and dice, players attempt to be the first to cook an appetizer, main course, and dessert and earn the favor of their koala king. Working bears, hunting bears and special village bears all give you specific abilities to help you in the hunt. Dice are rolled to activate effects and special powers, but can also doom your koalas to starvation.

Tides of Infamy

Tides of Infamy (Jacob Bunting) – Players take on the role of pirates attempting to become the most infamous pirate on the high seas. You take control of three different ships, each of which has its own specific strengths. The game board is composed of tiles and their layout is randomized each game. When the game starts, most of the tiles are hidden, meaning the pirates must explore and discover the ocean as they go. Players move around the board, battling each other as well as sea monsters and trying to plunder settlements. You may steal goods from other players as long as the plunder is still on board their ships — cards are used to determine the outcome of battles. Goods can then be exchanged for infamy at the Pirate Bay — that is, if someone hasn't plundered your spoils of war before you reach it.

Foodtown Throwdown

Foodtown Throwdown (Argyle Games) – In this game, players can use any ingredients they find to cook bizarre recipes. There are 20 recipe cards, each worth a specific number of victory points and each requiring a set list of ingredients. For instance, the Baby Burrito recipe calls for meat, veggies, cheese and beans. You happen to have the Jelly Beans ingredient card, which technically counts as beans, and suddenly you're making a jelly bean burrito, (yum?). You also use special cards to sabotage other players, claim more territory for your food truck, and host publicity events.


Gruff (Studio Woe) – You are shepherds who have used black magic to create evil, mutant herds of goats. The goats are mean, weird and fat and all have their own creative artwork. Gruff is a 2-player combat card game with some unique combat rules. After you attack, the other player has one full turn in which to prepare how they're going to react. Also the goats continue to mutate while in play and each goat has its own set of cards which you combine to create your deck, making the deck-building portion of the game both easy and fast.

Cabals: The Board Game

Cabals: The Board Game (Kyy Games) – Set in a rich world of occultism and secret societies during the 1930s, this campaign is for a tabletop adaptation of a digital card game. In this deck-building game, each player has a hero who gives them special powers. You can play cards to use spells and place units on the board. You must try to move your units across the board into another player's stronghold while defending your own. There are also special areas of the board which you compete to control and which grant you special abilities and actions.

Dragon Punch

Dragon Punch (Koen Hendrix) – A microgame for 2 players, played with 21 cards that come packaged in a handy little travel wallet that easily fits into your pocket. During the game, the cards all remain in your hand, meaning it's easy to play on the go. Inspired by retro fighting video games, each player gets to play their own special fighter. Both players have six identical attack and block cards, and on each turn you choose one card to play. Damage is calculated by flipping one of your cards upside down, which also gives you access to an even better ability. Once a player has flipped all six of their cards, they have been defeated.

A Match Made In Austen

A Match Made In Austen (Renaissance) – A storytelling card game set in the universe of Jane Austen's novels. At the start of the game, each player is given several male and female character cards. During the game, players take turns hosting social events and each player may send a set number of their characters to attend. The host then announces which incidents occur at the event and each of the characters attending must react to the incidents using their own individual strengths. There is also a proposal phrase of the game during which male characters try to woo their bride of choice. After a match has been made, the happiness of the marriage is determined.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.