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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Yetis, Spiders, and Dwarves, Oh My!

Avalanche at Yeti Mountain

This is a month for fun thematic mechanics such as spiders joining cults and Krakens patrolling the oceans. Also, this month brings us the campaign for Tabletopia, a digital platform for playing and publishing board games.

Avalanche at Yeti Mountain

Avalanche at Yeti Mountain (Green Couch Games) – Players are racing down Yeti Mountain. Each turn players simultaneously play a card to determine how fast they are headed down the mountain. However, there is a speed limit and if the collective speed of all the players exceeds this, the fastest players will crash. But you don't have ordinary skis; you have rocket-powered skis which you can use for an advantage. Unfortunately, this will cause an avalanche to join the race down the mountain and if the yeti attacks he could deactivate the skis.

How To Kill a Spider

How To Kill A Spider (Basement City Productions) – Players are roommates attempting to kill spiders. Your methods can range from an everyday shoe to talking the spider into joining a cult, or even burning down the whole house (at least the spider will be dead that way, right?). There are cards that allow you to upgrade your spider-killing weapons to make it more powerful but other players can also sabotage you in order to claim the sweet spider-slaying glory for themselves.


Tunhell (PixieGames) – You are the head of crew of dwarves attempting to find treasure and loot in the heart of mines. Players recruit various types of dwarves, such as warriors who fight monsters, or even other players, in order to allow your digger dwarves to dig deeper into the mine and search for treasure. Scout dwarves allow you to look at the top cards of a mine deck while blaster dwarves scare all the warriors away from the mines. There are three separate decks, each representing a mine, and once two of these are depleted the game is over. The player who has gained the most victory points from their treasure wins.


Less (Invented4) – Nine board tiles are laid out in the center of the table. The goal of the game is to move your four wooden pieces across the board to the opponent’s starting corner before the other player moves his pieces into yours. The board is always set up randomly, offering more replayability to the game. With one copy the game is designed for two players, but if you add a second set the game can be turned into a team game for four players.

Garbage Day

Garbage Day (Mayday Games) – The garbage can is full but you need to throw your trash away. Maybe if you place it very, very carefully on top of the trash one of your other roommates will have to take out the garbage instead? This dexterity-based game comes with a miniature garbage can and players attempt to balance the trash cards on top of it. If too many of the cards fall off on your turn you are out of the game. Mischief cards allow the players to mess with each other by hiding trash in each other's rooms or forcing you to clean out all the trash you've been hiding in your own bedroom.

Virgin Seas

Virgin Seas (Grey Gnome Games) – Players are commanders of ships searching for new lands. Your deck consists of ships and islands. You place cards on the board to capture other players' ships and control the islands in the ocean, as only the ships surrounding an island will score points. Each time you add an island to the board you must draw an event card, some of which will offer helpful bonuses but some of which are the Kraken. Once three Kraken cards have been drawn, the game ends.


Tabletopia (Tabletopia) – Tabletopia is a digital platform to publish and play board games. Describing itself as the Kindle or iTunes of board games, Tabletopia will allow players across the world to play games with each other on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Tabletopia already has many publishers signed up to host their games on the system such as Game Salute, Stronghold Games, and Mayday Games. You can also use Tabletopia to create and playtest games you've designed yourself.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.