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The Outburst Game Table: Flip Over the Table Without Losing Friends

Outburst Game Table

Have you ever bet the game on that one roll, only to have the dice turn against you? Had your plans thwarted when a friend takes the tile you need?

Sometimes you just want to flip over the table, but still want to be invited back to play again next week. What’s a person to do? Enter the Outburst Game Table

What Is It?

These little miniature tables are 2 x 2 x 3 inches in size and come in two different shapes: a standard square table, and an oval shape with decorative legs. Some assembly is required — the instructions are easy and no glue is used.

The table’s purpose is simple: flip it when the luck turns against you (or the other players), when you need to let off a little steam, or when it just seems fun. You can also use these tables for decorative purposes or to designate the starting player — but let's be honest, it's more fun to flip them over in rage.

Outburst Game Table unpunched


A neat and creative idea, the Outburst Game Table is simple, cute, and strangely satisfying. Sturdy and glue-free, it can withstand plenty of flips (and even accidental drops on the floor) — and who hasn’t fantasized about flipping a table every now and then? We have found it especially satisfying to allow the player in last place to flip the table — sort of a consolation prize for those tough losses.

There’s enough space on the tables that you can even place a few meeples, a die, and tokens on them to make the table flipping even more fun. But they are also small enough to make them easy to store or slip into a game box for travel.

The tables come in a single laser-etched board that fits into a standard letter-sized envelope (clever!). They are stained different colors for variety. The assembly process is straight-forward, however it does require some finesse to punch the pieces out and put them together without breaking them. A little sandpaper is helpful, as well, to smooth some of the contact points.

The Outburst Game Table is a clever novelty item that doesn’t take up much time or table space, but will certainly give you a few laughs. If you’ve ever wanted to flip over a table, now is finally your chance. Check it out on Kickstarter soon.

Pros: fun novelty idea, satisfying to flip, sturdy

Cons: assembly requires some finesse

Disclosure: we received a complimentary sample of this product.