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Preview: Restore the Earth's Natural Balance in Cooperative Deck-Building Game Ecosfera


We face a monumental challenge to restore the natural balance to our planet. Regardless of the magnitude of the task, the power to make a difference lies within each of us. By working together, we can ensure our planet's sustainability. It is indeed our commitment to "rewild the world," an enormous undertaking that is the core objective of Ecosfera.

Ecosfera is an exciting collaborative board game that merges deck building with abstract strategy to deliver an original perspective on the genre. The game offers innovative real-time deck-building mechanics that set it apart from traditional deck-construction games such as Marvel Champions, Arkham Horror, and Aeon's End. Unlike these games, Ecosfera does not require building a custom deck before playing.

Instead, everyone starts with the same set of cards. Ecosfera allows you to build your deck on the fly as you play. Your actions will determine what cards you add to your deck, some beneficial, some detrimental.

Ecosfera is published by Julibert and designed by Julia Johansson and Albert Pinilla. They have combined their creative talents to produce a fun and thought-provoking game. Julibert is committed to delivering entertaining games that are eco-friendly, inclusive, smart, fun, and visually appealing. With its sustainable and environmentally conscious theme, the game aims to raise awareness about environmental issues and inspire players to adopt eco-friendly behavior in their daily lives.

Now on Kickstarter, Ecosfera is a game for 1-4 players and lasts between 40 and 80 minutes. It is suitable for players of all ages, from eight-year-olds to senior adults.



To set up the game, place the deck of animal kingdom cards and the deck of plant and fungi kingdom cards face-down in the center of the playing area. Draw five cards from each kingdom next to their corresponding deck. These cards will form the shared pool of plants and animals for players to collect. Finally, place the decks of element cards and disaster cards below the kingdom cards creating the common supply. Players receive a deck with the five elements and two disaster cards to compose their initial deck. Shuffle them, and draw four cards, face up, alongside their decks.

Achieving the end goal of Ecosfera requires careful planning and strategic thinking. Players must collect seven biome tiles to win and avoid acquiring seven extinction tiles. Biome tiles can be created by combining animals, and animals can be obtained by combining plants with matching biome. With the right set of element cards, you can get plant cards. If you miss one element to close the gap, you can take it from the common supply. Obtaining cards from the supply will build up your deck.

Every turn, each player opens four cards from their deck. When a player cannot obtain a plant or animal card or place a biome tile, they will receive a disaster card. Players who draw three cards of the same element will also receive a disaster card. An extinction tile must be collected if a player draws three disaster cards, while three extinction tiles must be collected if they draw four disaster cards. Players can use abilities, including refreshing cards, acquiring extra cards, returning a card to the supply, and passing a card on to another player. Four new cards are drawn every turn after all the current cards have been discarded. When seven biome tiles or seven extinction tiles are collected, it triggers the end of the game.



Ecosfera is a thrilling, cooperative board game combining real-time deck building and abstract strategy. It provides mechanics such as deck building, open drafting, hand management, and set collection. The game offers an original and innovative take on the genre, providing players with an immersive and thematic experience that is both exciting and strategic.

There is a myriad of deck-constructing card games where you create your deck before playing. Instead, deck-building games allow you to build your deck as you play. Starting with a fixed set of cards, you collect others during the game to create a winning deck during gameplay. In Ecosfera, it is critical to plan and acquire cards that will optimize your chances of obtaining biome tiles while avoiding the accumulation of cards that can lead to extinction. Being greedy and collecting several element cards of the same type does not come without punishment; drawing too many element cards of the same kind will force you to acquire disaster cards.

Working collaboratively by interacting with other players and agreeing on the most effective strategy to move onward in the game is imperative. Players must work together to acquire the right cards to collect all biome tiles. Players are motivated to help each other by using abilities like passing cards to a player in need or refreshing a kingdom cards pool if everyone agrees that the currently offered cards are not an ideal fit for the players. Interaction between players is one of the game's highlights.

With stunning artwork, simple rules, low complexity, and deep tactics, Ecosfera is a game that will captivate players of all skill levels. And with replayability, you will enjoy playing it over and over again.

It is worthwhile emphasizing how the game's designed uncertainty can impact gameplay. Randomness can either boost the thrilling vibes of the game or backfire by putting players in a bind without the ability to mitigate "unlucky" cards. There can be frustrating moments when you know you have the cards you need in your deck but keep hoping to draw them turn after turn and fail due to the random nature of drafting and card drawing. While strategy and collaboration are the critical factors to victory, luck can turn the game around unexpectedly. It is appropriate to draw a comparison with Heat: Pedal to the Metal, where cards are drawn randomly from the player's deck, and accumulating Heat cards can "clog" your hand progressively, making it more challenging to maneuver and take the lead.

Ecosfera aims to emphasize the importance of preserving nature before it's too late. It stands out from other games of the same genre because of its distinct gameplay mechanics. These mechanics are original, making this game one of a kind. As part of the overall cooperative gameplay experience, Ecosfera's deck optimization is one of the most enjoyable aspects of its gameplay. The game's real-time deck-building mechanism is executed flawlessly in a dynamic and exciting style that keeps players on their toes. Despite its novel design, Ecosfera has low complexity and is balanced and straightforward to learn while providing an enjoyable challenge for players to master. Its vital strategic elements make it a fantastic game for casual and experienced players. Additionally, the game's artwork is truly breathtaking.


Final Thoughts

In summary, Ecosfera is a challenging game that requires players to work together to restore nature and prevent extinction. With careful planning and strategy, players can collect the seven biome tiles needed to win the game while defying extinction. It is an engaging and thought-provoking game that promotes cooperation and environmental awareness.

Ecosfera is a prime example of Julibert's commitment to producing fun games that are socially responsible and environmentally conscious. With its engaging gameplay and meaningful message, the game offers players an excellent opportunity to have fun while positively impacting the world around them. Overall, Ecosfera is a fantastic game that leaves us excitedly anticipating its release!

Pros: Brilliant and challenging, novel mechanics, engaging and delightful

Cons: Randomness can turn the game around with unforgiven consequences

Disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game. It is important to note that this preview uses pre-release components and rules, and the final game may differ from what you see here.

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