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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Thieves, Swords, and Deliveries

Tiny Laser Heist

August brings a bunch of exciting games to Kickstarter, from a very unique 3D heist game to a clever word-building game and a card game in which you build your unique weapon with the use of multiple cards. There’s also an area control game featuring flocks of birds, grim reaper cats, a micro sandwich building game, and a movie trivia game that will put your knowledge of soundtracks to the test!

Tiny Laser Heist

Tiny Laser Heist (Very Special Games Company) – In this 3D heist dexterity game, players use little hands at the end of sticks to manipulate and stack lock tokens within a box, and attempt to steal a jewel without knocking any of the laser pieces free or running out of time. A new person is the mastermind each round, and he chooses whom to invite onto his heist team based on the cards in players' hands. Players can also use cards to mess with heist teams that they are not on.

Fool's Blade

Fool's Blade (Christian "CircleToonsHD" Brantley) – Each player chooses a character at the start of the game. Each turn, you start with the tavern phase, and players each draw a card from the tavern deck. Players can play tavern cards here, which have effects that allow them to interact with each other. Next, you have the assembly phase, where you play weapon parts, playing multiple cards together to create your own unique weapon. You then select one of three locations to go to: either going to fight monsters to gain loot cards, drawing quest cards, or visiting the forge to gain cards to help build better weapons.

Alphabet Stoop

Alphabet Stoop (Pops & Bejou Games) – The goal of the game is to deliver all your packages to the stoop cards. On your turn, you can take three actions, choosing from moving and delivering. Moving allows you to move to an adjacent stoop card while dropping off a package takes one action for each package. Each package has a letter on it. In order to drop a letter at a stoop, it must form a word. There can only be one word at each stoop, so if there are already packages at a stoop card forming a word, you must use them with your packages to make a new word. You can also use newspapers and magazines (these count as vowels and wilds) to assist you.


Perch (Inside Up Games) – Each round, you take two of your own birds and then draw two birds randomly from the bag. Birds from the bag will come from different players’ flocks. On your turn, you will place birds on location tiles. The point rewards at each location vary, sometimes awarding the most points to the player with the most birds there, and sometimes awarding them to the player with the second or third most birds present. Some locations will also allow you to move creatures, such as the fox, between locations, using their abilities. Different creatures will act in different ways and different creatures will be used in different game setups.

Crumbs! The Sandwich Filler Game

Crumbs! The Sandwich Filler Game (Minerva Tabletop Games) – In this microgame that can be played solo or cooperative, players are making sandwiches. Each round, there are five action points for players to spend and three possible actions to choose from. You can assemble, taking any number of cards of a single ingredient type in the display and adding it to a sandwich. You can restock, moving any number of cards of a single ingredient card from the discard pile back to the display. You can toast, flipping any number of bread cards you have already collected over to their toasted side. Players are trying to complete sandwiches as shown on order cards. Each time you complete one, you unlock the next order. If you fail to complete an order by the end of a round, you lose the game. The goal of the game is to complete a certain number of orders and then earn a score based on their difficulty.

Reaper Cat

Reaper Cat (Husband & Husband) – Nine cards are dealt to each player. On your turn, you draw a card and choose a card to play or discard. You have a hand limit of nine cards. The goal is to keep as many soul cards in your hand as possible. Some cards can be played for their actions, while life cards are set aside when played. Once players have collectively played nine life cards, the game ends and the player with the most soul cards in his hand wins.

Soundtrack Trivia

Soundtrack Trivia (Game Night Media) – In this movie-themed trivia game, you play with a game board and an app (or, alternatively, a website). Your current location on the board determines how you will answer the question on your turn. For example, you might be on a battle space, in which case you will compete with another player to answer your question, or you might be on a space that will have you working together with another player. For each question, the app will give a movie's year, its genre, and then a short music clip. You have to guess the movie in order to move forward on the board. You can also play a card from your hand in order to get an extra clue, with the card you play determining what kind of clue it is. Players have the ability to control what genres and range of years are used by the app.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.