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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Cheese, Chickens, and Gold Nuggets


Make cheesy delicacies or protect the coop as a heroic chicken! This month’s crowdfunding highlights include cooperative adventures, tense two-player head-to-heads, and solo micro games, as well as a unique book that is a story, game, and game design guide all rolled into one!


Fromage (Road To Infamy) – The board is divided into four sections with each section featuring different scoring goals for the cheeses made on them. At the start of a round, you check the three sections of the board that are not facing you. If you have workers on them, and their checkmarks are facing you, you can take that worker back. Then each player may gather resources and make one cheese in the section of the board facing him, placing a worker on the appropriate locations. Once all players have simultaneously resolved these choices, the board is rotated 90 degrees. There are three types of cheeses in the game and they each take a different amount of time to make. Each section of the board also produces a different type of resource. When you place a worker to gather resources you take those resources immediately, but the more the worker gathers, the longer it will take before you can take him back off the board. You can use resources for things such upgrading your farm or livestock for bonus points and cheeses, or getting fruit which can be used to create special cheese.

Flock Together

Flock Together (Sea Cow Games) – A cooperative board game in which each player takes on the role of a chicken, taking his chicken's little booklet. Each chicken in the game has unique abilities, and as you level up your chicken you turn over the pages of your booklet to reveal your chicken as it grows up, becomes stronger, and develops its abilities. Predators are also represented by books that are placed on the board. As the predators evolve throughout the game and grow stronger, you turn over pages in their books, so you want to defeat them as quickly as possible before they have time to become too strong. Players gather resources and lay eggs, using resources to attack enemies and grow their chickens.

Feud: The Seer's Prophecy

Feud: The Seer's Prophecy (Joakim Engfors) – In this two-player strategy card game, each turn you will move your units between different zones in your village. Each zone has a different effect, and the more units you have in a zone the more powerful that effect becomes. You can gain resources from zones which allow you to purchase more units. The units you move to the battlefield can then attack your opponent, while units assigned to the wall will help to defend against attacks.

Unreliable Wizard

Unreliable Wizard (Salt & Pepper Games) – In this solo micro game, you are an inexperienced wizard sent out to rescue the princess. You can move freely across the map, but you lose the amount of health listed on each space you pass over. You can also stop in villages to get health back. When you reach a space with an encounter symbol you must fight. You reveal the enemy card you will be fighting, and the battle begins. In combat, you choose how many magic spell cards to draw, losing one health for each one you draw. You can then use different combinations of cards to create different spells. When you defeat a monster, you recover health but you also gain an ability card that goes into your hand. If you defeat the final boss of the game, you win.

Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget (2Tomatoes Games) – Each player is an animal in the forest, trying to find the raven's gold nugget and claim it for himself before the raven returns. The nugget is hidden among tiles that also show traps and stones. Your goal is to find the nugget. Different animals are awake during different times of day. During the times of day your animal is asleep, you must keep your eyes closed. When you are awake, you may play cards from your hand and use your animal's ability, to try and deduce which tile has the gold nugget. At the end of the game, everyone will grab one tile each, and the player who grabbed the gold nugget wins the game.

Design Your Destiny: Running Out of Time

Design Your Destiny: Running Out of Time (Fail Faster) – This booklet is a mixture of story, game, and activity book. The booklet starts with you reading a story, and then every few chapters you will get a game to play through that revolves around the characters in the story. Following each game you then have questions and activities that you use to practice game design skills and improve on the game that you just played, before continuing on with the story.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.