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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Elephants, Foxes, and Octopuses

Wild Duo

This month, Kickstarter is full of animals, from five abstract games in one box all themed around different animals, to a game of fox mystics and a tense duel between a shark and octopus. More of nature is explored in a game that puts you into the role of a fir tree. There are also games of ghosts and perfecting a charcuterie board. Finally, for a first in these roundups, we’ve taken a look at a campaign for a board game accessory: but the ability to show off some beautiful board game artwork in your home is just too exciting to pass up!

Wild Duo

Wild Duo (Treecer)Wild Duo contains five 2-player abstract strategy games inside one box. Each game comes with its own board and tokens, all themed around animals. In Tusk Tactics, each player controls a group of elephants, and moves their tokens around the board, stacking them. The taller the stack, the farther it can move. Four or more elephants form a herd, and the player who controls the most elephant herds wins the game. Baleen Bubbles has players controlling whales trying to drive their own school of fish to the center of the board. Sealed Shores puts players in control of sea lions, with the goal of trapping an opponent's sea lion so it cannot make a valid move. Monkey Monarchs has you trying to either defeat your opponent's alpha monkey or move yours onto the starting location of your opponent. Finally, Manakin Mates has players maneuver their birds around the board trying to get four of their color in a row.


Nocturne (Flatout Games) – Each player takes on the role of a fox mystic, gathering resources in the forest in this game that features a unique bidding system. Over two rounds, you attempt to collect sets of items, with different sets scoring in different ways. Items can also be combined to complete your secret recipe cards. Players begin each round with numbered tokens, which represent spells, with higher numbered tokens being more powerful spells. You use these tokens to bid on a grid of items. Once a spell is cast as a bid on an item tile, other players must either pass or cast a more powerful spell on an item tile that is adjacent to the one just bid on. The player who plays the most powerful spell wins his tile. The other players must either take back their spell tokens or move it to the forest sprite board, which allows them to claim an item tile from that board at the end of the round.


Kelp (Wonderbow Games) – In this asymmetrical two-player game, one player is a shark and one player is the octopus. The shark is trying to track down the octopus on the board while the octopus is trying to either escape or eat all the food on the board. The shark player uses dice to move around the board looking for the octopus as well as to unlock powers, while the octopus player uses a deck-building system, as well as laying traps on the board for the shark.


Undergrove (Alderac Entertainment Group) – In this game about the relationship between trees and mushrooms, you play a fir tree. Your goal is to send out seedlings, placing them at key interactions between mushroom tiles. On your turn, your seedling can absorb carbon, and once it has three carbon tokens on it, then it becomes a full tree. Each time you absorb carbon you also progress on the carbon track and earn rewards. You can also spend carbon to activate a mushroom tile's ability when one of your seeds or trees has a root on that tile. You can also grow more roots on your turn, place more mushroom tiles on the board, and use the photosynthesis action to gain more carbon.

Charcuterie: The Board Game

Charcuterie: The Board Game (Th3rd World Studios) – Players take turns hosting a party as they try to create amazing charcuterie boards. As host, you draw food tiles from the bag and decide how to divide them into groups. The player to the left of the host then picks which group of tiles he wants, and players take turns selecting groups until the host is left with the final selection. Everyone then arranges their drafted food tiles on their personal charcuterie boards. At the end of the game, players score points based on their food tiles and also the placement of those tiles on their boards.


WallZap (WallZap)WallZap is a unique way to store and display your favorite games and cover art. These magnetic wall-mounting kits allow you to display your board games on your wall, without having to take the components out of the boxes.

What We Possess

What We Possess (Publishing Goblin) – A spooky storytelling game that does not require a gamemaster, What We Possess is a card-driven roleplaying game in which players take turns leading scenes and each player takes on the role of a ghost. Location cards set the scene, while various objects and living being cards represent the tools players can use in a scene to tell the story. Players are trying to tell their stories to uncover clues as to who they are and why they are haunting the present location. There are also cards to help prompt you as to how you died, or what the core mystery is at the heart of your haunting.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.