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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Bunnies Boom and Turtles Explode

Bunny Boom

Want a figurative explosion of bunnies or a literal explosion of turtles? This month's crowdfunders offer both, along with fluffy dragons and adorable whales. There are also murders to solve and espionage to engage in if you’re looking for something with a slightly darker theme.

Bunny Boom

Bunny Boom (Ruse.Games) – Each turn, you'll be playing a card from your hand into the village. When you play a card, you move your meeple to the card you placed, activating the abilities of the cards your meeple moves through to reach it. Each card has an ability that triggers when you play it, and a different ability that triggers when you move through it. There are limited spaces for cards in the village. Once all the spaces in the village are filled, players can start playing cards on top of already placed cards. Cards have suits, and if a card is played on another card and the suits do not match, the active player must gain bunnies. If suits do match, then that new card is locked in, and another card cannot be played on it. The goal of the game is to have the fewest bunnies at the end.

Mine Turtle

Mine Turtle (Big Potato Games) – In this party game adaptation of Truth or Dare, each player is given three mission cards at the start of the game. On a player's turn, he plays one of his mission cards on another player. That player must either complete the mission (it might be a challenge or a fact they have to tell about themselves) or press the turtle's button the number of times listed on the card. If that player successfully completes the challenge, then the player whose turn it was must press the turtle's button the required number of times. If the mine turtle explodes, the game ends and the player who caused the explosion loses the game.

Fluffy Dragons

Fluffy Dragons (Lamf Games) – The board shows five elements in a circle. Each element space beats the two element spaces that are clockwise ahead of it and is defeated by the two that are clockwise behind it. Each round, players will take turns playing an elemental card face-down and placing their dragon on the element location they are claiming to have played — however, they are allowed to bluff. Players can make bets against others players they believe are lying about their location. All cards are then revealed, and dragons moved to their correct locations. Players take gems from players whose dragons are on element spaces that are defeated by their own dragon's location.

License to Krill

License to Krill (MaKa Games) – The ocean market cards are spread out on the table. Then a kelp card is placed on top of each one to form the display. On your turn, you select one kelp card from the display and perform the action on the market card it was placed on. You then draw a whale card and resolve it. Whale cards might shift who the whale is targeting, eat one of the cards of the player the whale is targeting, or change the cards in the display. Players score their kelp cards at the end of the game and the player with the most points wins. Plus, the game features a whale plushie which also holds the discards.

Operation Barclay

Operation Barclay (Salt & Pepper Games) – In this two-player game, each round both players take turns playing three cards, one by one, face-up onto the table, creating a tableau, and drawing a new card into their hands after each card is played. Next, players bet on who will have the best tableau at the end of the round. Then players add two cards, face-down, to their tableaus. Finally, all cards are revealed. The player with the best hand wins the first two evidence tokens, the player who successfully bet on the best hand wins the next three, and whoever played the most reconnaissance/raid icons wins the final evidence token. Each token corresponds to a specific location on the board, allowing the player with the Abwehr role to turn the intelligence tokens at those locations face-up, while the number of tokens the LCS player wins limits how many the Abwehr player can flip.

Imperfect Crimes

Imperfect Crimes (Key Enigma) – In this pop-up book escape room, there are five separate pages. Each page of the book represents a different crime scene and each one is the equivalent of a one-hour escape room. In order to solve the cases, players interact with elements inside the rooms, use documents included with the game, and also access websites to find clues and communicate with characters in the stories.

Imperfect Crimes

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Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.