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Best Crowdfunding Finds!

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Best Crowdfunding Finds!

For those of you who have ever backed a casual game on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc... what was your favorite?

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I have been into Kickstarter for a few months now, and like games which offer exclusives.  That said, a few games I am highly anticipating are:  "Xia", "Alien Frintiers" and "Deadwood Studios".  I have about 18 other games I have backed, and clearly I am looking forward to all of them.

In the 'casual' category, I am looking forward to "Walk the Plank", "What the Food?" and "Epic Death".

Also, "Wok Star" looks to be a great family / casual game night option.

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Not a game, but my favorite thing I have backed on Kickstarter so far was Casual Game Insider.  The magazine is really slick-looking and I love reading the game reviews and the featured game article.  As far as games go, I love Off Your Rocker and am really excited about Dungeon Roll, which is supposed to ship to backers next month.  

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I backed CGI too and picked up all 6 of the titles that they were offering and me and my kids play them more than anything else I've backed from Kickstarter (although Belfort, The Duke, and Tammany Hall all recieved much table time).

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Although I didn't back it, I got to play a prototype version of Xia at Dice Tower Con a few weeks ago and it is a very solid and fun game.  I predict this one will be a big hit when it is released, although you will have to wait until 2014....

I am also eagerly awaiting my copies of Dungeon Roll, Empires of Zidal, and Tasnia.

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Found Council of Verona through the Casual Game blog and am loving it - excellent casual game.

J. Riddell
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The Great Heartland Hauling Co though I wish we'd get it to the table more often

William Alba
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Ogre was a casual game for me back in the 70s and 80s, and I love having the Kickstarter version.

I'm eagerly awaiting a number of projects, including Tiny Epic Kingdoms, This Town Ain't Big Enough for the 2-4 of Us, Province, Coup: Reformation, and Dragon Slayer.

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