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Hello from California

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Hello from California

We’ve been really excited about developing this game and spent the last two years designing it, prototyping testing it, and releasing it on Kickstarter. 

We are a small group of friends who used to meet in the park to play zombie tag at night. It was harmless fun for all of us. 


A friendship developed that we hoped would last a lifetime; but due to the loss of one of our friends to cystic fibrosis, we went our separate ways. 


During those nights in the park we hatched a lot of ideas for games, and out of that came Ant Swarm. We talked about how it would be cool to build a board game, but nothing ever came of it until one of us sat down with a poster board, some black tape, and plastic ants. 


We played it, and we argued about it, and we played it some more. Kylar would do the graphics, Linda would write the game manual, Dave would work on game’s long-term strategy, David focused on improving the game and rules, and Joe would do the voice-overs for the videos. 

We are proud of what we’ve accomplished. 

We think we have developed a unique and new type of board game that involves fast action and strategy.

Available on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/antswarm/ant-swarm