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SUMMONED "The Devil inside" Live on Kickstarter

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SUMMONED "The Devil inside" Live on Kickstarter

Introducing SUMMONED “The Demon Inside”, the spooky party game that you will die for!

Based in Chicago, IL., Attack from Marrs Games will be releasing a horror-based party card game on Kickstarter.

Kickstarter Link:

SUMMONED “The Devil Inside”, is a party card game that contains a full back- story that puts the players into the game themselves. All players will start with a set of Curse Cards that they will use throughout the whole game. These cards contain Dares that the “Victims” (non-active players) can choose to complete or pass on. Each Curse Card is worth one point, so the Victims can choose to accept and successfully complete a Dare. This will dictate if the Victim earns or losses points. Players will take turns being a Demon, which is the active player of the game. Victims are the inactive players that are vulnerable to the Demon. Demons can give one Victim Player a Curse Card at any moment. SUMMONED also features a Curse Ability Extension Deck. Curse Ability Cards are “Special Cards”; these cards are worth half a point. Curse Ability Cards are beneficial to the player possessing it, which will help the Demon or Victim player, but these cards will be damaging for the opposing player. SUMMONED pulls together different types of game play that creates a party card game that everyone will have a blast playing.

How to play this game as a live action RPG:
The Demon and Victims will take turns turning each other into Demons by giving them a Curse.

Curse backstory:
This starts out with a drunken friend who decided to wander off into a friend’s house. They find an Ouija board with words scratched into the back of it. While they try to read these words, they accidentally summon a Devil. The Devil was not a fan of being awoken, so he gave the drunk a Curse that starts turning them into a Demon. To make things worse, the only way to get rid of this curse is to get another person to perform dares from cards. Those were provided to the friend by the Devil himself.

Players can bring their Demon characters to life while they are the active player. Being the active player, you will use your Cards to pick off your Victims one by one. Trying to reduce the number of cards they have in their hand, Victim players, in turn, will try their best to successfully complete these actions on the cards in order to earn them more points.

This game is a blast to play at any party! Players receive 5 cards as they arrive. Once everyone is accounted for, you can start playing by selecting your Demon player. Demon players can approach anyone at any time to hand them a Curse Card. This is perfect for people who have friends that enjoy games, but don’t enjoy committing to sitting in the same place all night.

Playing SUMMONED is a fun way to bring all your friends together!

Content and Game information
SUMMONED “The Devil Inside” is for ages 21+, with approximately 60-90 minutes of game play. Players can choose to continue their game for longer if wanted. SUMMONED “The Devil Inside” has 100 Curse Cards with a rulebook containing the story, rules, and game play instructions. SUMMONED “The Devil Inside” has one extension pack (so far) that will be available, containing 20 Curse Ability Cards.

Kickstarter Backers will all receive a Bonus Card. This card will only be made for backers. The Bonus Card is worth 0 points because it will give you a special advantage and will not count as one of your starting cards.

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I remember playing this back in 2006/7 when I was 8 and ever since then I haven't gotten the chance to play it, yet the nostalgic moments always remained in my head. The story may not be the best but it's still great, and it has amazing horror elements. Many people did not acknowledge this game yet I feel this is one of the best games of 2000. A true classic underrated gem.

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