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I Guess I'll Introduce Myself

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I Guess I'll Introduce Myself

I really suck at introductions.  Anyway, I have loved playing games my whole life, and since I was an only child, I got really good at playing them alone.  Nowadays, I love fun party games when I have a group of friends around, and I am trying to find some good solo games for when I cannot cajole my husband to play a game.  Some of my current favorite games are Forbidden Island, Survive: Escape from Atlantis, 10 Days in Europe, Off Your Rocker and Cineplexity.

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Most likely on the border of "casual" I enjoy a few solo games:  Arkham Horror, Mice & Mystics and Level 7 are some of my favorites.

Oh, and... welcome to the forums!

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I've been on here a while, I just hate introducing myself!

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New guy here myself.  Commenting for the contest ;p

I'll check the site out more tomorrow.  Never know, maybe I'll be a regular!

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I will be doing the same.

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