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Charles from South Carolina


I'm Charles, and I hail from South Carolina. I found out about Casual Game Revolution from someone else, just this morning, in fact. I was already aware of Stratus Games.

I'm 51, married, and have one son, who is nine years old.

I publish a small niche gaming magazine called Suspense & Decision on the side, as sort of an outgrowth of my hobby interest in play by mail gaming, or PBM for short. Even still, I'm about as casual of a gamer as you can be, as I only seem to game infrequently, due to time constraints.

Anyway, I just thought that I would take time out to introduce myself. Nice looking site, by the way.

- Charles -

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Hi Charles!

I'm new too, and just browsing around the website! 

I don't see much movement on these forums, but I love the idea of this community!! 



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Glad to meet you, Charles and Sean! Thank you for roaming our site. We're gathering our community one casual gamer at a time. :)

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