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Casual Game: "Math! Leave Them Kids Alone!"

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Casual Game: "Math! Leave Them Kids Alone!"

I am helping a group of kids to self-publish a game that they created to help other kids learn math.  It can be played at different levels, depending on the group you are playing with.  Levels are suitable from younger children who are working on addition and subtraction, to teens (and adults) who are practicing their skills with Cubes, Cube Roots, Powers of 2, and the Fibonacci Series.

Please check out their Kickstarter video on how to play the game.  It will take just 2 minutes!

The game is part of their project for the First Lego League competition, and they would like to be 100% funded by the time of the state competition on December 6 if possible.  Kickstarter campaign runs through January 1.

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