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Floodgate Games

Can you list absolutely everything in this very simple, but very addictive party game? Think quickly and be sure not to say something that has already been mentioned.

Keep those kites flying in this light, real time game of cards, sand timers, and colorful kites.

Deduce how your housemates want the house decorated based on only the actions they take removing and adding objects to rooms, while trying to reach a compromise between their preferences and your own.

Players are aspiring heroes bidding on the vaults of dead adventurers. Each round players take turns being the auction master, auctioning off the items inside a vault. But the players bidding can only see a select number of the items, and will have to bid based off of partial information.
Collect items your hero is particularly interested in to score extra points and create item combos, in order to win the Vault Wars!

In Sagrada, players are attempting to build beautiful stained glass windows by drafting colored dice and playing them in various patterns in their windows. The more complicated the pattern, the more tools they'll have at their disposal, but the greater the risk.

Create lovely patterns, complete objectives, and compete for the most gorgeous window.