2017 | Casual Game Revolution


A dexterity game of stacking ladders, following restrictions that are imposed by the die, and reaching for the moon.

Smart 10

Each turn, play one of your two tiles and then draw a new one from the bag. Each tile shows a bird and a flower. Birds score points when played adjacent to matching birds, while flowers score you points at the end of the game based on how many matching flowers are in each row based on your perspective of the board.

In New York Slice, one player slices the pizza and the other players choose their portions. Once all the pizzas are gone, players score based on the slices they’ve collected and the pepperoni they ate!  

Cooperation meets memory, in this two minute game in which players face the clock to save all the cave dwellers and dodos of the island before the volcano erupts!

A roll-and-write game in which each round players take turns drafting dice and filling their valleys with houses, sheep, trains, and of course, sunflowers! Score points based on your placement, and create the winning valley.

Winner of the 2008 Mensa Select award, Tiki Topple is a game of hidden information, hand management, and board manipulation. Each turn, manipulate the tikis on the board as you try to maneuver your tikis to top position.

A deck-building racing game in which players are competing to be the first to reach the legendary city of El Dorado. Play cards to cross the map and buy cards to help decide which path to take. Will you go by land or by sea? But watch out! Your opponents might block your way.

A Tetris-like puzzle game that will have you thinking spatially in a way that few other board games do.

Players stack oddly shaped number tiles, following a small selection of placement rules, and score points based on how high up their stack easy number.

A fast-playing little card game with take-that and memory elements. Players are elephants trying to clear out all the junk in the circus tent. Get rid of the cards in your hand, deplete the draw pile, and toss the last of your trash to win the game.