2022 | Casual Game Revolution


Compete for forests, mountains, and rivers, with a small selection of characters and a handful of abilities that aren’t always to your advantage.

Qawale is an abstract strategy game for two-players that’s fast to set up, learn, and play, but offers some tricky gameplay as you try to get four of your stones in a line.

Maintain your car’s engine, sweep round corners, push your luck, and speed to victory in this hand-management push-your-luck racing game.

Ferret out the weasel, in this social deduction, clue-giving game where even you don’t know your own team each round.

How successful are you at deducing a person’s job and secret based on their answers to a select handful of questions?

Play through three memories (moments frozen in time), seeing images from different points of view as you attempt to answer a series of questions and stop the zombies invading the school.

Fill your shelves with books, games, plants, and trophies, as you seek to organize everything elegantly and more efficiently than your opponents.

Come up with words using a limited selection of letters, while giving just enough clues to maximize your points without giving the whole word away.

How well do you know the other players? Can you predict their answers to a series of questions and how close they’ll come to your own?

Plot four underground lines across London in this flip-and-write, making connections, visiting tourist sites, and crossing the River Thames, while being careful not to block yourself off.