2022 | Casual Game Revolution


Sound Box is a cooperative party game where players take turns being the guesser who must identify the sounds made by other players based on cards with various objects and actions. It's fast and crazy — you only have 13 seconds to listen on each turn!

Run a bus around New York or London, picking up passengers, avoiding traffic, and stopping at sights around the city in this flip-and-write board game.

Vivarium is a set-collection game, with easy-to-learn mechanics and fun choices to make each turn, about exploring a recently discovered cavern and identifying new species of creatures to complete contracts and further science. 

The king is dead! But who will take his place? Vie for influence, win over clans, and compete for the crown and throne.

Gap is a simple game, but that simplicity hides a scoring system that is fun to manipulate while still keeping it a low-key and easy-to-learn game. It’s perfect for a relaxed evening.

Compete for forests, mountains, and rivers, with a small selection of characters and a handful of abilities that aren’t always to your advantage.

Qawale is an abstract strategy game for two-players that’s fast to set up, learn, and play, but offers some tricky gameplay as you try to get four of your stones in a line.

Maintain your car’s engine, sweep round corners, push your luck, and speed to victory in this hand-management push-your-luck racing game.

Ferret out the weasel, in this social deduction, clue-giving game where even you don’t know your own team each round.

How successful are you at deducing a person’s job and secret based on their answers to a select handful of questions?