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Recommended Casual Game Award

Casual Game Recommended badgeEach Recommended game has been carefully evaluated by our editorial staff and found to meet the following conditions:

• Representative of the casual game genre in terms of game length, depth, and complexity
• Appeals to a general audience, with a G or PG content rating
• Has acheived a high rating in gameplay, quality, and originality



Compete for forests, mountains, and rivers, with a small selection of characters and a handful of abilities that aren’t always to your advantage.

Work as a team to chase scary critters out of your campsites, while trying to send wolves and bears toward your opponents.

Qawale is an abstract strategy game for two-players that’s fast to set up, learn, and play, but offers some tricky gameplay as you try to get four of your stones in a line.

Create the most beautiful animal reserve, as you seek to balance the competing needs of your animals and biomes.

Maintain your car’s engine, sweep round corners, push your luck, and speed to victory in this hand-management push-your-luck racing game.

Ferret out the weasel, in this social deduction, clue-giving game where even you don’t know your own team each round.

How successful are you at deducing a person’s job and secret based on their answers to a select handful of questions?

The kittens are afloat on the high seas, seeking out tasty fish to steal! Each turn, choose which tile to grab fish from (or which player to steal from) — but choose carefully, because if another player chooses the same tile, neither of you will get fish that round.

Lay down tiles, build islands, and score changing personal objectives each round based on the resources on the islands you construct.

Play through three memories (moments frozen in time), seeing images from different points of view as you attempt to answer a series of questions and stop the zombies invading the school.