New Website Feature: Community Forums | Casual Game Revolution

New Website Feature: Community Forums


We are happy to announce that we have added community forums to Casual Game Revolution! Our forums are the next step toward gathering a community of casual gamers that share similar interests.

There are several large boardgaming communities out there (*cough* BoardGameGeek *cough*), but they miss the mark entirely for casual gamers. We want to give casual gamers like us the chance to have a voice. We hope that with our collective voices and our wallets we can drive change in the board game industry. We believe casual gamers can shape the future of the industry and drive more widespread interest in boardgaming – but only if we band together.

We hope that our forums will be a useful tool for casual gamers, designers, and industry folks alike to discuss their interests, games, news, and concerns. It will, of course, take time to gather this community. But without your support, it will not be possible. Please help our cause by bringing in your friends and family to join our forums – and our cause.

Here are a few topics we would like to get some discussion on initially: