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News Flash: BOOoop Announced, Unboxed Announced


Halloween boop. Announced
Smirk and Dagger Games has announced a new, Halloween-themed version of boop. "Aside from the seasonally fun change to Witchy Black Cats and Pumpkin-y White Cats, BOOoop introduces new Ghost Kitties that float across the seams of the board - and can scare any cat or kitten into the next open space or right off the bed! Spoopy!"

Unboxed Announced
WizKids has announced a new board game, currently available for pre-order and set for release later this year. “You and your friends take on the role of archeology interns under the direction of Dr. Ramos. At the dig site, the team has uncovered ten caches of ancient board games and they need your help to figure out how they were played. The centuries have not been kind to the rulebooks, so you’ll have to infer the rules based on each game’s symbology, components, and your own experience and intuition.”

Star Wars Rivals Card Game Announced
Funko Games has announced a new Star Wars card game, set to be released late this spring. "An all-new expandable card game experience featuring endless layers of strategy and fun within every era of the Star Wars galaxy. Arriving late spring 2023, the award-winning tabletop gaming studio will offer a Premier Set and expansive Character Booster Packs, encouraging fans to join the dark or light side of the Force, build teams and battle for control of locations in the Star Wars galaxy.."

Creator of Settlers of Catan Passes
Klaus Teuber, the creator of The Settlers of Catan, and many other wonderful games, sadly passed away on April 1. "It is with profound sadness that we at CATAN Studio acknowledge the passing of Klaus Teuber, legendary game designer and creator of the beloved board game CATAN. Our hearts go out to Klaus' family during this incredibly difficult time."

Freelancers: A Crossroads Game Announced
Plaid Hat Games has announced Freelancers, an RPG campaign game that fits into a single night. "Freelancers condenses the fantasy RPG campaign experience into a single night of fun and mayhem. Create a character, roll funky dice, and blaze your way through multiple stories set in a world of magic, monsters, and murder. Better yet, no game master is required, as a magical companion app does all the storytelling for you!"

Unmatched: Brains and Brawn Announced
Restoration Games has announced the next set in their Unmatched series. "She-Hulk, Doctor Strange, and Spider-Man join the fight in Unmatched: Brains and Brawn - coming Q3 2023."

Powerline (What Board Game): “It might not be enough to turn the blades of a wind turbine, but it's enough to get the synapses in your brain to discharge happily. It's also a game that's pretty easy to explain and I love that it's so very tactile.”

Challengers!? (GeekDad): “Challengers! is quickly becoming one of my favorite quick games, particularly for a big group. At a recent local gaming convention, we managed to run a few 8-player games of it, and I love the way it really does give you the feel of a tournament in under an hour.”

Broken and Beautiful (Geeks Under Grace): “A lovely game with an attractive aesthetic. Its relaxing gameplay echoes the actual zen-like artistry of kintsugi. Recommended for fans of drafting.”