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Casual Game Insider is Now on Kickstarter!

CGI on Kickstarter

Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign page!

Casual Game Insider is published quarterly in print and digital formats and focuses on casual board and card games that are relatively easy to learn, quick to play, and fun for all ages. The first year of publication was funded on Kickstarter, and we have had a very rewarding and successful year. In addition to our many direct subscribers, we now reach 2,000 game stores with the help of 3 major game distributors (ACD, GTS, and PHD). We also have the magazine available on the iPad through a 3rd party app (HP Magcloud).

We now need your help to fund another year of publication. If we gather extra support, we also hope to expand our reach by publishing directly to Apple, Android, Kindle, and Windows marketplaces and increasing our retailer distribution. Please help us continue our dream!

Justin Blankley
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this is the first time i have seem them so i joined the kickstarter. great idea.