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AttrAction: An Irresistible Dexterity Game


I have always been fascinated by magnets. When I first got a set of (recently recalled) Buckyballs, I was entertained for hours. Thus, the strong magnets that come with AttrAction, by R&R Games, are interesting enough by themselves — but do they also make a fun game? Thanks to the publisher, we recently had the opportunity to find out for ourselves.

Game Play

AttrAction comes with 25 hematite magnets of various shapes and sizes and a nice storage bag to keep them in. To set up the game, the magnets are randomly arranged on the table so that none of them are touching each other. They are placed standing up vertically on their shortest sides (wherever possible). Each player selects one "shooter" magnet which they will use to flick, slide, or toss on the table.

The object with each shot is to create the largest cluster of magnets possible, which is then retrieved by the player. If multiple clusters are created, only one can be retrieved (leaving other clusters open for retrieval on subsequent turns). If any magnets fall off the table, they are kept by the next player. If no clusters are made, the magnet used for the shot remains where it is.

After the table has been cleared, the player with the most magnets wins.


First, let me verify that these magnets are strong! Even while setting up the game on a standard-sized table, many or most of the magnets rotate and shift with each new magnet placed. Holding your shooter magnet underneath the table can also easily cause motion among the magnets on top (perhaps this could be used in a rule variation in which opposing players can try to affect the current player's shot). Magnets like these are great for the game, but can also be very dangerous for children — hence the 14+ age rating.

AttrAction packs a lot of delightful action in a quick, 5-minute game. Each shot must be carefully analyzed and executed to get the best results, and while the magnets are very strong, it doesn't mean they're always easy to cluster. Since each magnet has two poles, it's just as easy to repel another magnet as it is to attract it. This can lead to some surprises during the game when you think you have an easy shot.

When analyzing a shot, there are many decisions to be made:

  1. Which magnet to shoot. At the beginning of the game, you choose a magnet from the table. On subsequent turn, you choose one your are holding. Each magnet has a unique size and shape that could have an effect on your shot.
  2. Where to shoot your magnet. To create the largest clusters, you'll have to decide which area of the table offers the best chance of success.
  3. How to shoot your magnet. You may want to flick your magnet to cause it to spin into a nearby group. Or, perhaps you want to slide it into several magnets that are lined up. You could also toss it into a concentrated section — it's up to you, and the decision depends on the current state of the magnets.

In the end, AttrAction is a great dexterity game that is worth a try at least once — unless, of course, you only have a metal table.

Pros: Strong magnets, fun to play, interesting decisions, requires skill

Cons: Must be kept away from children

Full disclosure: we received a complimentary review copy of this game.

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