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Party Games

Which is more ick: someone trying and failing to start a conga line, running for a train that’s not actually going anywhere, or someone who calls himself a foodie?

How many synonyms can you think of for the word ‘crown’? Only four will score you a point, but maybe you want to take a risk and try to name an antonym instead.

All your friends announce an answer, then hand you a deck of five questions. Can you spot the real question they were answering, as you reveal the cards one at a time?

Can players find a dream among a series of beautifully illustrated cards, using their powers of deduction and their sense of touch?

Can your teammates guess the word "pancake" based on your clues? Try using only one word clues, or see if you can get them to guess it with gestures!

Oh no! The plane has crash-landed on an island full of deadly creatures and impending weather. Players must work together to forage for survival and survive the nights until rescue comes, all while fighting off madness.

Find the secret animal, dive into history, or take a trip to the world of Harry Potter to find the right magical character!

Oops! You’re the scammer and the only one who doesn’t know what action everyone is about to act out at the same time. Better catch on quickly so you’re not discovered!

Was that a swimming pool you heard? Or the sound of a superhero fight? With only sounds to go off of, the guesser must deduce which card’s sound each player was trying to make!

Watch the die roll itself all around the table, and then race to be the first to come up with a word using the vowel it rolled and a letter from the table.