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Party Games

Watch the die roll itself all around the table, and then race to be the first to come up with a word using the vowel it rolled and a letter from the table.

Can your team find the secret character, by slowly eliminating all the other characters on the table from one new clue each round?

Calling all telepathic party animals! Are you thinking about buying Wavelength by CMYK? Watch this quick video to find out everything you need to know BEFORE you buy!

Your first celebrity sighting! Does it make you happy? Surprised? Does it make you think more of a zebra, a paintbrush, or a wooden box? Will your friends guess which ones you chose?

This compact little party game is all about writing out lists, and including things that you think other players have — and have not — thought of.

Be the first to run outside and come back in, or to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! Complete the requirements and grab a card. Grab the most cards after 10 rounds to win the game.

A trivia game that’s all about choosing your own comfort level with each topic. How well do you think you know vegetables, Harry Potter, or magazines?

What’s in the box? Cowboy boots or octopus? Hard to say…but you’re being told it would make a good tattoo.

A woman dies because she was on the phone too long…can you figure out why with some careful yes or no questions?

Would you rather solve a murder case from 100 years ago or confirm a modern conspiracy theory? Would you rather only use technology from the year 2000 or only wear clothing from that year?