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Kalua is a casual game for 3 to 5 players, ages 8 and up. On the tropical island of Kalua, different religions compete to become the one and only religion. You will take the role of one of the Gods that Kaluans follow and you will reward your families with good harvests, nice weather and general well-being or punish them with famine, epidemics, floods and other disasters if they do not pray to you enough; but do not forget that there are other Gods on the island and Kaluans cannot tell where all their bad luck is coming from...

Now you can win a brand new copy of Kalua to add to your casual game collection! Use the form below to enter.

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I love your posts about the casual games on Kickstarter (my wallet, on the other hand, kinda hates them).  I just supported Smash Monster Ramage after reading your post last night.

Chris Cormier
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OMG! This game looks like so much fun!  Fingers crossed! Fingers crossed! Fingers crossed! 

Scott bokach
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Super pumped for the contest the game looks great. Thanks for the chance

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Would be swell to win. I would like to see the surprise on my son's face if I won too - since he told me about the contest. I wannna win !!!


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thanks for the contest

Thomas G.
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This looks like a cool game. Thanks for doing this contest!

J. Riddell
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Thanks for the contest!

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Haha. This game looks awesome! I may have to get it even if I don't win.

Kim Burnett
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Kalua's been on my wishlist for a while!

Zach Osterloh
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This sounds like an interesting game, I hope I win!

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I love playing cooperative board games and love the site

Rachel Miller
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Nothing beats casual games with the family =)

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I definitely need to keep an eye out for this game.  Looks very interesting and fun.