News Flash: Contagion, Munchkin Loot Letter | Casual Game Revolution

News Flash: Contagion, Munchkin Loot Letter


  • Z-Man Games has announced a new game, Contagion. A member of the Pandemic line of games, players will take on the role of the diseases, working to wipe out humanity.
  • AEG has announced that in partnership with Steve Jackson Games, it will be releasing Munchkin Loot Letter, based on the popular games Munchkin and Love Letter.
  • Three games released this week from Game Salute: VivaJava: The Dice Game, Pandante, and Otontin.
  • Steve Jackson Games has announced they'll be re-releasing Tile Chess this October. A game of chess without boundaries, where you create the board.
  • New reviews this week of Dead Panic (The Nerd’s Table), Teratozoic (Dice. Card. Go!), and Knockout (The Gaming Gang).
  • A free print and play is available of the 2-person card game Danger at the Walls
  • Geek Smash has created a list of five casual board games 'more fun than Monopoly'. Game enjoyment is always subjective, but the list does suggest some great games.
  • A.V. Club has written an article about games that let you play the villain against your friends.
  • Mechanics & Meeples has written about How to Teach a Game.