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A Rapid Review of Blokus

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Blokus by Mattel is a bit of an odd duck. At first blush, it appears to be a simple puzzle/tile-laying game — first to lay all their pieces is the first to win. In reality, it plays much more like a cross between Tetris and Centipede. Players lay their uniquely shaped pieces (22 of various shapes composed of 1 to 5 squares) with the corner of each shape touching the corner of the shape you are about to place. Each shape fits nicely into the solid game board but will occupy more or less space of the board. Each piece played either furthers your strategy or simply reduces your options. Place all your pieces before your opponents, while also forcing them to end the game with more and larger pieces in their hand.

There is more strategy to the game than you might expect, as you balance confining your opponent(s) against protecting a large enough area to fill with your own pieces. You can lure an opponent into moves which allow you to cut off his advance, or you can break into his protected space by advancing on a diagonal through his lines. It’s a bit like a Tron lightcycle in this respect. I highly recommend this game for younger kids who seem to gravitate naturally to the game and just love blocking their parents’ moves.

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Blokus is actually a lot of fun. I like that with a 2 player game each player takes 2 colors, this speeds up the game and is a mentally interesting addition to the puzzle aspect of Blokus. 

I also have the free iPad app of Blokus, which is well done and reflects the game well! 

I tried Blokus a few months ago and loved it.  It's a solid strategy game and pretty easy to pick up.