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CGI#3: Salmon Run, Hive Beginners' Mistakes, and Gamer Girls

Prepare for the race of a lifetime! Learn all about Gryphon Games’ Salmon Run.

Plus: common beginners' mistakes when playing Hive, who "gamer girls" really are, and the links between favorite literary genres and game mechanics.

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Spring 2013
Chris James, Andrew Lucas, Randy Ingersoll, Scott Almes, Stacey Montalvo
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Good read.

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Glad you're talking about gamer girls.  Because we do exist and we're not what you think we are. ;-)

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Might have to check it out

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We gamer girls are not a myth. One of my hopes, in writing the article, was to get more gamer girls to come out of the woodwork and let others know that we are here.

Thank you Sarah for proving that we do exist!

Game On!!

Griffin Patterson
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Someday I will own thee!

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I still have a hard time with the idea of buying a digital copy. There's that part of me that enjoys holding a magazine and reading it. But, I don't need the clutter laying around when I'm done.

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Both are good options. However, the nice thing about a physical copy is you can easily pass it along to a friend when you're done to help encourage them to try out some new games, as well.

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Now that I've seen the article on Hive, I'm really interested in finding and playing it! :)