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News Flash: AEG Announces Batman Love Letter, Spike Available for Pre-Order

Batman Love Letter

  • AEG has announced a new Love Letter variant, Batman Love Letter. The company has said that 'This one has less "love", and more "punch people in the face."' Which is probably good. Batman doesn't really seem the type to send many love letters.
  • R&R Games has Spike available for pre-order. It’s a two to four player game about building a railroad empire.
  • It was announced last month on BoardGameGeek that work is underway on a new large box expansion for Dominion which will contain 400 cards. The expansion should be released sometime next year.
  • New reviews this week of Diamonds (The Gaming Gang), Pandemic: Contagion (GeekDad), and Artificium (MeepleTown).
  • In the UK, Hasbro has started an interesting promotion of offering a free Pizza Hut pizza when you purchase one of their party games. It’s an interesting idea and there are certainly other games that could make for tasty food combinations even if it’s just for a fun game night and not a promotional event. Mice and Mystics with cheese and wine? Killer Bunnies and carrot cake?
  • A website has posted an interesting list of eight obscure movie-based board games.
  • 3 Hares Games has released Lagoon: Land of Druids, a game for one to four players that was funded through Kickstarter.
  • Clever Move has posted an article wondering why there are so many Titanic-themed board games, and also took a look at some of the more bizarre ones.
  • Sofa Tactics has written a review of the app adaptation of Talisman.