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News Flash: Asmodee Announces Witness, AEG Previews Dark Seas


  • Asmodee Games has announced that Witness will be released in January. It’s a 15 minute mystery solving game for four players, in which each of the players take turns whispering their clues to each other, trying to remember everything they’ve learned and keep the information coherent.
  • Alderac Entertainment Group has announced a new pirate-themed tile placement game that will be released in the new year.
  • The Game Aisle has written up a review of some of the games that appeared at this year's Chicago Toy and Game Fair.
  • New reviews this week of Jamaica (iSlaytheDragon), Mine, All Mine (Dice. Card. Go!), and Sheriff of Nottingham (Meeple Town).
  • The Guardian has written an interesting article on the blurring lines between some board games and video games.
  • The Morning News has published a list of good gift games that all take less than 90 minutes to play.
  • CafePress is currently running a campaign in which a portion of the sales from every customized version of Monopoly and Scrabble will be donated to Toys for Tots.
  • Hyperbole Games has taken a look back at the year 2014 through the eyes of game designers.