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News Flash: Letters to Santa, Christmas Board Game News

Letters to Santa

  • AEG has released a Christmas-themed version of Love Letter this month, titled Letters to Santa. Here’s a list of some other Christmas board games.
  • Asmodee has announced a December release for Korrigans, a family game about hunting for gold at the foot of the rainbow.
  • New reviews this week of Madame Ching (Daily Worker Placement), Roll For It! (Undead Viking Videos), and Splendor (Troll in the Corner).
  • Clever Move has a list of creative ways you can combine Christmas decorations with board game components. They’ve also written their very own board game-version of the 12 Days of Christmas.
  • Fireside Games has made a fun holiday video featuring the monsters and heroes of Castle Panic. At least they can party together after battling each other over the castle. That shows holiday cheer.
  • Popular Mechanics has posted a list of their favorite new board games of 2014.
  • Listverse has posted an article on the 10 most important games in history.
  • Calliope Games has published their first interview with one of the designers for the Titan Series. (If you don't know, the Titan series is a line of nine gateway games that will be funded via Kickstarter and published by Calliope Games.)
  • Someone has actually made a completely playable Clue board with Legos. You can see pictures here.
  • This season of TableTop, Wil and Anne Wheaton have been auctioning off for charity a copy of each game featured on the show, signed by that week's guests (and Wil of course). Forbidden Desert, signed by Felicia Day, Wil, Alan Tudyk and Jon Heder sold last week for $785.00. Hopefully whoever bought it will really enjoy escaping the forbidden desert.
  • Have a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
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i'd like to pick t his up someday once it goes on sale