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News Flash: Essen Previews, Victory Point Games Sale


  • TheGameBoyGeek has released a video talking about the 10 games set to be released as Essen that he's the most excited about. Board Game Geek TV has also posted a preview video of Spookies, a dice game which will also be as Spiel 2015.
  • AEG has announced that their car racing game Automobiles will be debuting at ‎Spiel this October. The game puts a twist to your normal deck-building mechanics, having players collect cubes rather than cards to improve their vehicles.
  • Victory Point Games has a sale this weekend from the 18th to the 21st. You can check out which games are on sale here.
  • Looney Labs has announced that they are releasing a new version of EcoFluxx. It will be named Nature Fluxx and features new artwork. Nature Fluxx will be in stores in November.
  • New reviews this week of Icarus (TheGameBoyGeek), Codenames (iSlaytheDragon), and Mottainai (Meeple Town).
  • Passport Games Studios' blog has a nice post this week on why board games are good for people of any age.
  • Buzzfeed has written a fun piece, listing the 10 signs that could show you were born to be the Monopoly Banker.
  • At the Georgia Institute of Technology, researchers were able to design artificial intelligence with the capability of creating its own choose-your-own-adventure stories. Could an AI someday design a board game?