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News Flash: Little Red Riding Hood, Two Player BANG!

Little Red Riding Hood

  • IELLO has released the next game in their Tales and Games series. This one is Little Red Riding Hood and can be played as either a cooperative game, with players working together to keep Red Riding Hood safe, or with one player taking on the role of the wolf and working against the others.
  • dV Giochi has announced that at long last there will officially be an edition of BANG! for two players titled, BANG! The Duel.
  • Geek and Sundry has compiled a list of great tabletop games that can be enjoyed by kids aged 3 to 5.
  • New reviews this week of Star Trek: Five Year Mission (Homemaker Hobbies), Nevermore (Board Game Quest), and Traders of Osaka (Shut Up and Sit Down).
  • Board Game Quest has posted an interesting list of the top ten games ¬†that best represents female characters.
  • Looney Labs has written about their plans for the future. They include Pyramid Arcade, which contains 22 games in one.
  • The lead game designers for Hasbro ran an Ask Me Anything on Reddit this week.
  • While board games have been growing in popularity over the past decade, it's nice to know they've been around for many centuries and are likely to stay here, as proven by the interesting find of several ancient board game pieces recently unearthed at an old Roman settlement.