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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Afterlife, Codes, and Cats

Cosmic Balance

There’s a wide range of card games this month, each with clever and unique themes such as secret communication, mischievous cats, and final judgement. Casual Game Insider is also seeking funding for its fifth year (yay!).

Cosmic Balance

Cosmic Balance (Alexandra Tinsman) – Angels and demons battle it out for the world in this card and board game. Players take on the role of gods, and fight over territories, sending enemy cards to either heaven or hell (earning good or evil points that you use to summon angels or demons) by placing them on a scale that is in the center of the game board. Once the scale tips in one direction, the gate to the afterlife opens and angels or demons will enter the world to help you conquer more territories. Each player also starts the game with unique special powers to help them along the way.


Hylaria (Fablesmith) – This game is made up of multiple tiles, each of which shows various colorful characters. Players split into teams and each team must come up with a code. Three face-up tiles are laid in the center of the table, and each player is given two facedown tiles. You must then use your code to hint to players what tiles you have, hoping that only your team will understand the code. On your turn you take one of any of the facedown tiles except your own, and add it to the center of the table, face up. If there are already two copies of that tile face up, you score points for your team.

Cantankerous Cats

Cantankerous Cats (Al Gonzalez) – Play as a cat, trying to cause mischief around the house. On your turn you draw cards and can take two actions — you can play affection cards, which earn you affection points and allow you to use the second action type: playing mischief cards. Mischief cards will earn you points, but require a certain amount of affection in order for you to get away with them. The first player to reach nine mischief points wins the game. Other possible actions are discarding and redrawing your hand, using incident cards, which can give you special abilities or affect all players, or discarding two cards in order to gain a pounce token, which can be used to cause trouble for other cats.

Collectors and Capers

Collectors and Capers (Blue Heron Entertainment) – In Collectors and Capers, players are trying to steal works of art from a museum. On your turn you may draw cards either from the center of the table or from the deck, play action cards to peak at another player’s hands or steal their cards, or attempt to build sets of to steal the art. Sets are created from matching heist cards which must be identical to the piece of art you are attempting to steal. But since sets are played facedown, you might be bluffing about them matching, but if enough of your opponents bet their own cards against the fact that you’re lying, truth will out and you have to reveal your set, discarding any card that don’t belong in it. You can read our review of the game here.

Go Eco

Go Eco (Eco Eco Entertainment) – In Go Eco, players are trying to build a food chain. Each card belongs to one of five categories. Workers produce and consume food. Energizer cards are necessary to support the food chain. Neutralizers hurt the food chain process, and trappers can be used to stall the food chain, while guardians can be used to protect against them. The game is for two to six players and the first person to successfully build their chain wins the game.

Casual Game Insider

Casual Game Insider (Casual Game Revolution) – We are seeking funding for our fifth year! We currently reach over 2,100 game stores, hundreds of Barnes and Nobles, and several digital newsstands. Our fifth year will also see Casual Game Insider on hundreds of Books-A-Million shelves! Thank you for your continued support and readership.

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.