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News Flash: Behind the Throne Release, Bead Game Box Kickstarter

Behind the Throne

Behind the Throne Released
Ares Games officially released Behind the Throne last month. "The new card game Behind the Throne, designed by the same authors of the popular “Mysterium” board game,[...] is now shipping to distributors and will start to hit US stores on August, 25th. They will be available in other countries in the following weeks."

Kickstarter Launched for 108+ Games in One
The Kickstarter campaign has just launched for Bead Game Box. "Bead Game Box, an all-in-one board game solution with 108+ of the best board games. This first collective creativity game blurs the lines between genres by bringing real-life players together through a social game web app, which holds the world's largest collection of traditional board games and board game variations."

Valley Of The Kings Solitaire Rules Updated
AEG has posted an update for the Valley of the Kings solo variant. “Can’t find an opponent for Valley of the Kings? Don’t fret. The Valley of the Kings solitaire game rules have been updated to include the new Valley of the King: Last Rites release!”

10 Star Trek Board Games to Play
Blastr has listed their 10 favorite Star Trek-themed board games. "Good board games are challenging and entertaining. Great games have flexibility and replayability. But the best games are the ones that let you and your friends enjoy the action as well as each other, an excuse to laugh while defending yourselves against certain doom."

The Independent Lists Their 7 Favorite Games
"The humble board game is back with a bang — here's seven to play before you die."

Fireside Games Recaps their Time at Wizard World Comic Con Austin
Fireside Games recaps the event (photos of William Shatner included). "We arrived on Thursday to set up our booth and were immediately put in a good mood."
Source: Fireside Games

Look Back at Last Year's Essen
In preparation for the upcoming Essen, BoardGameGeek has taken a photographic look back at Essen 2015.