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Casual Game Crowdfunding: From Planets to Dungeons

Abandon Planet

From backstabbing and betrayal to complete cooperation, there’s something for everyone on Kickstarter this month — no matter how much of team player they may (or may not) be.

Abandon Planet

Abandon Planet (Orange Machine Games) – Players are trying to escape a dying planet by building a rocket and flying off into space. Each round, one player learns where a meteor will land next. They can either share that information with another player or keep it to themselves. Then players simultaneously reveal where they will be traveling on the planet to collect pieces for their rocket. At the end of every round, another portion of the planet is destroyed. There is bribery, threats, trades, and negotiations, as players steal from each other and create alliances, since you're not going to escape the planet and win the game alone. But who can you trust not to stab you in the back?

5-Minute Dungeon

5-Minute Dungeon (Wiggles 3D) – In this lightning quick cooperative card game, players have five minutes to make it through the dungeon and defeat the dungeon's boss. The dungeon is composed of a deck of cards full of obstacles and to defeat a dungeon card, players must play cards that match the symbols on the dungeon card. There are no turns, with everyone playing at the same time and at their own speed (but remember, the clock is ticking!). Each player also controls a unique hero who has a special ability and special action cards. Can you make it through the dungeon in five minutes? You can read our review of the game here.


Tricksters (Aether Tower) – In Tricksters you are trying gain exclusively either light or dark energy in order to win the game. Gaining the type of energy you aren't aiming for, will set you back, as opposite energies cancel each other out. The cards all have unique and lovely artwork showing magical creatures, and it's by choosing which ones to favor and (trying to guess which ones other players are favoring) that you try to manipulate the energy you, and other players, gain.


Wordsy (Formal Ferret Games) – A word game in which you don't actually need all the letters of a word in order to score. Eight letters are laid out in four columns. Each column has a different point value. During a round, players study the board and try to find a word which uses as many letters on the board as possible. The first person to write down a word flips over the timer and remaining players only have 30 seconds in which to write down a word of their own. Players then score their words by adding the point value of each letter’s column that appears in their word. For the next round, four of the letter cards are discarded, four new ones are drawn, and play starts again.

Doug Doug Goose Caboose

Doug Doug Goose Caboose (Infectious Play) – In this speedy little party game, there is one goose card, one caboose card, and many Doug cards. The dealer deals one card to all the players, until one player has the caboose card, and one player has the goose card. At that point, the players with the special cards must race to see who can correctly name, in order, everyone around the table, while remembering to call themselves by their special card, and the player with the other special card 'Doug'.


Package!? (Half Wing Games) – A five minute game that can be played without a board, almost anywhere. Players are trying to deliver packages and there are five locations. Each player has a pawn and several packages. On your turn you roll the die and perform one of several actions, such as move your pawn, place your package, or even move an opponent’s package. There are also unique moves such as creating special combinations of packages or having your pawn in a special location. At the end of the game, players score points based on where their packages are located as well as the location of their pawns.


NecronomiCORP (Ivan Escalante Victoria) – In this cooperative board game, players battle their way up through a six level 3-D tower in order to defeat one of six final bosses and escape. Players search the tower looking for weapons, helpful items, and occasionally battling beasts and monsters, while helping each other along the way. You can only advance to the next level of the tower once one of you has found the exit card. Will you all escape or none of you?

Full disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.