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Games for Christmas Giveaway

Christmas Games Giveaway

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Another giveaway is here! Just in time for the holidays, we are giving away four great games that make perfect gifts for your kids and family.

  • DiceAFARI — (Dice + Safari) In this photo safari game, roll the dice strategically to plan your trip and capture the best sets of animal photographs. 2-4 players, ages 8+.
  • SET Junior — This junior version of the hit game SET introduces kids to the basic concepts of matching shapes. 2-4 players, ages 3+.
  • Last Mouse Lost — Players take turns pressing down any number of mice they wish in a single row. The player who presses down the last mouse loses the round. 2 players, ages 6+.
  • Ring It! — Players continuously flip their cards until a combo is found. Be the first to find the combo, clap your hands and ring the bell. 2-9 players, ages 5+.

Enter below to win, and be sure to invite your friends. One lucky winner will receive a brand new copy of all four games! (Note: our giveaways are only open to U.S. residents, age 18 or older. Why?)

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Mike C.
Mike C.'s picture

I really enjoy your magazine and these contests.  I like how you keep the reviews concise and the articles aren't too long.  Keep up the great work!

Just added some games from the the Fall issue to my Christmas list!

JEmlay's picture
Member Since: 07/15/2013

A lot of games in my collection are there because of this magazine.  I love it!

Never heard of these games before. Hope I win so I can try them out!

Mike C.'s picture

Thanks for running this contest.  You're doing a great job.

Mike C.'s picture

Thanks for these contests.  My kids love games and we would love to get more to play with them.

Mike C.'s picture

Why do I not have your magazine yet??!!  It IS on my Christmas Wish List now!!!

Mike C.'s picture

Thanks for the contest! Haven't had a spare moment to read anything, but certainly looking forward to it!

Mike C.'s picture

Last Mouse Lost is our most recommended game.  Adults will stop and play with the kids, write down the title and tell us they are buying it.  I've had several people say, "it's like bubble wrap, but quieter"

Mike C.'s picture

This looks like a fantastic box of games!

Mike C.'s picture

This is a great way to get some cool games, thank you for the opprotunity.

Mike C.'s picture

awesome! thanks!

Mike C.'s picture

Thanks for the contest, looks like a great bunch of games!

Zach T.
Mike C.'s picture

A meaningful comment.

Jason McCracken
Mike C.'s picture

More games from a great Ezine! Thank you guys!

Pal Lewis
Mike C.'s picture

I like this magazine.  it is full of information for all gamers.  I also like the contest opportunities.  Great job, Happy reading.  

Tim D
Mike C.'s picture

Looking forward to some awesome Christmas gift featured in Casual Game Insider!

Timothy VanderWall
Mike C.'s picture

I have subscribed to Casual Game Insider since issue #1.  I always look forward to receiving my copy of this terrific magazine.

Mark Morell
Mike C.'s picture

Thanks for the contest! Your work is always a good read!

Mike C.'s picture

Comment excited about giveaway

Mike C.'s picture

Great for Christmas!

Mike C.'s picture

My kids would love to  try these out.  We love games as a family.

Michael Shea
Mike C.'s picture

Contests are the best  for those that are broke.

Mike C.'s picture

Interesting digital magazine! Almost impulse bought all of the back issues.  Held off for now, but it's probably going to be one of those things that nags me until I actually do it!

Mike C.'s picture

Thanks, just in time for Christmas.

Emanuel Baptista
Mike C.'s picture

Thnaks for the giveaway!

Mike C.'s picture

Christmas is a great time of families getting together to foster a love of board games, thank you for the chance to help foster it in ours!

Joanna Sisk
Mike C.'s picture

Pretty please & Thank you!

Josh Willhite
Mike C.'s picture

Thanks for the time and effort you put into this, that and your generosity, its a great aspect of the gaming community.

Mike C.'s picture

Games, games, games.... Can't get enough games! Always looking to add more to the collection!


Richard Resnick
Mike C.'s picture

This is a great gamers tool !!  all gamers should be getting a copy !!!  thank-you