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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Fireballs, Crypts, and Survival

Fireball Island

This month brings the latest game from Restoration Games to Kickstarter, with a game that includes a truly impressive board. Also this month we have Green Couch Games with their latest card game, and two different looks at nightmares and dreams.

Fireball Island

Fireball Island (Restoration Games) – Restoration Games' newest updated retro game is here: Fireball Island. Players are competing to grab postcards from scenic locations around the island and collect treasure before escaping via the helipad. Fireball Island is played on a large, 3D board with a lair at the top from which marbles come careening down the board, knocking things down in their path. Trees can be used to divert the marbles, giving players some ability to control the marble's path. If you’re knocked down by a marble, you lose treasure but do gain a souvenir that can help you catch up again.


Crypt (Road To Infamy Games) – The king is dead and has been buried with his treasures. You are trying to collect the most coins by sending your servants into the king's tomb to steal his valuables. Each player takes three dice, which represent your servants. You can play a servant die on a treasure card, choosing any value for that die. The higher the number, the harder your servant is trying but also the more likely he will become exhausted. Higher values can also knock lower values off of the card. After everyone has placed their dice, everyone rolls. If a die rolls less than the number you used when placing it on the card, you lose that die. Treasure comes in six different suits and you will earn bonus points for selling sets. Your character's special ability is also activated by a particular set of treasure cards.


Unbroken (Altema Games) – You are the only survivor of an expedition destroyed by monsters. Unbroken is a solo game that combines resource management with your quest for revenge. You will be gathering resources, crafting weapons, and using your strength and wits to defeat four ever increasingly difficult monsters. During the game, you draw two encounter cards at a time and choose one. Encounter cards often have you spending one resource to gain another, some will give you what you need to craft weapons or allow you to rest and gain strength, but all encounters take up time. You have a limited amount of time to spend and if you run out before attacking the next monster, it ambushes you and has the advantage.


Filler (Green Couch Games)Filler is a tasty looking game all about baking! At the beginning of the game you start with three cards, but use the ingredients on those cards to grow your hand. Each card has multiple uses. Each card shows a time (for when you show up for work), ingredients, and recipes. Some cards also have special abilities that trigger when you fill a recipe. The player who shows up for work the earliest each round, gets to go first. There are cards laid out in the center of the table, and on your turn you may use your ingredients to fill out the recipes listed on them. Also on your turn you can choose to restock your pantry rather than bake (which means you will pick up your previously played cards).


Dreamscape (Sylex) – In Dreamscape, you travel through a dream world, collecting dream shards. You will use these shards to create your own dreamscape. Dream cards show you which dreams you are trying to create (what color dream shards you need, in what order the dream shards should be placed in your personal dreamscape, where your dreamer meeple should stand on it). You can also spend dreamshards to perform actions such as moving your meeple around your dreamscape, or growing trees which some dream cards call for. Mr. Nightmare also moves through the dream world during the game, blocking off locations and leaving nightmares behind which will cost you negative points at the end of the game if you are forced to pick one up. Players will also be working towards a set of common goals that are randomized for each game.


Alakazoo (Creative Maker) – You are an adept wizard competing in a magical tournament and using the art of summoning. You are trying to summon a fantastical creature and score magic points both during the tournament and at the end. Each player's portal has nine separate sections. Players roll spell dice to activate runes and open sections of their portal, to collect spell cards that they play onto these sections, and to use special powers. If players make a mistake, they summon dark energy. Summon dark energy three times, and you have to rest before you can get back into the competition.

Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares

Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares (Studio Woe)Gruff: Stuff of Nightmares is a stand-alone game in the Gruff universe of games that is also compatible with previous Gruff rules. It is a tactical combat card game, in which you lead a team of monster stuffed animal nightmare goats. You can build your deck to focus on different strengths and the position of your goats on the table matter and plays a role in who you can attack. Damage also does not take effect right away; rather your target gets to take an entire turn after you attack, to see how they can respond.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.