April 2018 | Casual Game Revolution

April 2018

Passport Game Studios has released a new game, the Mensa Select winners have been announced, and a new Carcassonne expansion is in the works.

With the success of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds and Fortnite, battle royale games have been sweeping through the video game industry, with more and more games including this mode.

Steal from a wizard and collect magical objects, while competing against your opponents to become the most prestigious thief in the land.

Renegade Game Studios has announced a release date for Lucidity, Asmodee is creating a new game line, and the most anticipated games of 2018.

Bezier Games mixes word guessing games with social deduction in a new kind of Werewolf game, that won’t feel quite like any you’ve played before.

Social deduction / hidden identity games have been seeing a rise in popularity in recent years. Some of our favorites include One Night Ultimate WerewolfGood Cop Bad Cop, and Coup.

Fireside Games has announced their first new release of 2018, Thames & Kosmos has announced two new games in their Exit line, and a company is in the middle of Kickstarter fraud allegations.

This month brings the latest game from Restoration Games to Kickstarter, with a game that includes a truly impressive board. Also this month we have Green Couch Games with their latest card game, and two different looks at nightmares and dreams.


In Hardback, word-building meets deck-building, and players have to count their pennies in order to buy new letters to create new words, to earn prestige, and move up in the world of books.

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