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Casual Game Crowdfunding: Life Boats, Super Villains, and Japanese Flowers

Adrift: Lost at Sea

Cooperation, social deduction, real time, abstract, and micro games all make their way to Kickstarter this month. There’s a little something of everything both in mechanics and theme, with games ranging from fairy tales to stories of survival on the high seas.

Adrift: Lost at Sea

Adrift: Lost at Sea (Sully Zack) – This cooperative card game is about surviving on the ocean and creating sea shanties, as the event cards you draw string together to make a song as well as having various events befall you on your voyage. Players are in a lifeboat, trying to make their way home. The cards you play each have a weight number and also determines which side of the boat it must be played on. Players not only have to ensure they have sufficient food and water during the voyage to avoid death, but must also keep the boat properly balanced. If the boat is unbalanced, it loses integrity tokens. If the boat ever runs out of integrity altogether the players lose.

One Night Ultimate Super Villains

One Night Ultimate Super Villains (Bezier Games) – Every player in One Night Ultimate Super Villains has a secret role. You can be a hero, a villain, or even an innocent bystander or mad scientist. During the night phase most roles take a secret action, then during the day phase players discuss who they believe the super villains are, with the villains attempting to mislead players. Depending on the role each player is dealt, different players will have different goals for whether they are attempting to have a villain caught, a hero, or even themselves.

Kuzushi Seasons

Kuzushi Seasons (Dave Balmer) – A portable abstract strategy card game for two to four players. Gameplay is simple. The game is played on a grid, and cards cannot be placed outside of the grid. Players have flag cards and base cards. On your turn you place a base card adjacent to any other card or flip over a flag card to turn it into a base card. Next, you place flag cards to mark any adjacent spaces that you control next to your new base. A space is controlled by the player who has the most bases adjacent to it. The game ends when a player runs out of cads or the board is filled. The winner is the player who first runs out of cards or the player with the most cards on the table.

Dungeon Derby

Dungeon Derby (Rabbiteer) – Heroes are racing through a dungeon while players bet on the outcome and throw an occasional spell to affect the race. Before each race the lineup is revealed and players use cards to fill racing lanes with traps and monsters, with any triggered ones remaining from the previous round. Players also rig out various heroes with armor and then secretly place their bets. When the race begins, the Dungeon Master rolls a die to move heroes closer to the finish line, however at any time during the race players may play spell cards which can do things such as move heroes from one lane to another, allow a hero to ignore threats, or force a die to be rerolled. You can read our review of the game here.


GrimmoiR (Octopus Games) – In this two player card game, each player starts the game by choosing one of five factions and then selecting four characters from that faction and two either from the same faction or from allied factions. You lay your characters down on the table in two rows of three. Each round, players spend gold coins to activate one of their character's special abilities, to have a character attack, or to move a character to a different position. The player who eliminates all the other players' characters wins the game.

Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf (Jed Ward) – In this two player micro game, one player takes the offensive wolf deck and the other takes the defensive boy deck. Players try to guess what each other will do next and which cards they will play. Will the boy sleep this round? Will the wolf attack? The wolf wins if he manages to get past the boy and attack the flock of sheep five times and the boy wins if he manages to successfully cry wolf against the wolf player five times.

Disclosure: unless otherwise noted, we have not seen or played any of the above games. Our assessment of each is based on the information given on the crowdfunding project page.